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NFL Jerseys Cheap.First, there’s the whole Terry Bradshaw thing. Bradshaw, an analyst for FOX, has never shied away from being critical of the Steelers. This year, in the middle of the season, he decided to call Mike Tomlin a “cheerleader” instead of complimenting him as a great coach. (He also said some weird stuff about the Packers.)The Steelers aren’t trying to win so Tomlin can stick it in Bradshaw’s face, but that’s a bonus, especially when a third Super Bowl win — in this era and with his stats — would almost certainly push Ben past Bradshaw as the best Steelers quarterback of all time, if he isn’t already there. With the Super Bowl on FOX this year, there’s an added layer of fun to it from that sense.Authentic Football Jerseys.The more nuanced historical shakeoff comes in the form of the defense. The Steelers overhauled the coaching staff under Tomlin in recent years, getting rid of Bruce Arians in favor of Todd Haley and letting Dick LeBeau walk to make Keith Butler the defensive coordinator. Both moves came with plenty of scrutiny, but at this point it’s hard to argue they weren’t validated. Roethlisberger extended his career because of the switch. Butler has got this defense clicking.Over the Steelers’ nine-game winning streak, the defense is allowing 16.6 points per game. There’s plenty of first-round talent on this squad and everyone is starting to play well at the same time, a very nice omen for the stretch run when you’ve got Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown on offense.Cheap Jerseys From China.

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