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Authentic Jerseys Wholesale.Chad Kelly, the nephew of Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, entered this year as the top quarterback senior prospect in the country and the best passer in the Southeastern Conference, the premier league in college football. With that being said, those labels meant very little, as most talented quarterbacks declare for the draft before their final year of eligibility, and the SEC is a defense-led conference.Still, the expectation for him to step up, to give this draft class some spice, was out there, and there were plenty of eyes on him. Kelly, who is on his third school after being dismissed from Clemson and transferring out of East Mississippi Community College, made headlines in 2016 but probably not for the reasons he wanted to.Wholesale Jerseys.After throwing for a worse completion percentage, touchdown-interception ratio, yards per pass average and passer rating than in 2015, Kelly’s 2016 was cut short due to a knee injury. Mississippi missed a bowl game by finishing with a 5-7 record, far from when the Rebels peaked as the third-ranked team in the country a year before.On top of that, Kelly also was involved in a brawl at a high school football gameand was allegedly photographed at a table with marijuana. That comes less than a year after his former left tackle, Laremy Tunsil, had a massive draft day drop because of a video of the bookend smoking in a mask was posted on his Twitter account.Discount Jerseys.

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