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Wholesale Jerseys.Speaking of the NFL, in addition to the well-known for the domestic Super Bowl, its unique Thursday night is undoubtedly another worth looking forward to the key events. Beginning in 2006, the NFL often arranges a live event every week during the prime time of Thursday night, so the race that started on Thursday night is often a high concern.Thursday night race, the regular season during the “unconventional period”The earliest NFL only in the post-Thanksgiving season after the sprint stage only Thursday night, when the implementation of their own pay TV NFL Network NFL, hoping to broadcast the right by Thursday night in the form of NFL Network to reduce TV contractor price for the audience.Cheap NFL Jerseys.However, with the night of the night more and more fire, to the 2012 season, the night show has been expanded from 8 games to 13 games, has become throughout the regular season season, “regular game time”, which is the NFL season curtain When we open, we can see the night of the night game every week.At present, NFL a total of five time period of the game, according to the date can be divided into Thursday, Sunday and Monday, according to the time can be divided into “night” and “daytime game.” Thursday, Sunday and Monday each have a night race, in the United States is 8:30 Eastern time kickoff in China is also no need to stay up late at 8:30 or 9:30. Therefore, no need to stay up all night to be able to follow up the situation, such as Thursday night schedule such a arrangement, it became the most concerned about the Chinese fans one of the game period.Cheap Jerseys.

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